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#Heartcheck: The Church

The past 2 weeks have been crazy. It is starting to hit me that my kiddo will start Kindergarten in less than a month, he was attending a camp last week and I am focused on making my time count...

Ironic that the busyness actually distracted us from our #timewithGod.

But we jumped right back in this week and although his attention span is struggling and we are having to get creative - our time in the word has been special. Those of you who are trying to teach your children of the spiritual discipline - remember somedays are great and other weeks are a struggle.

Let me break down what we did this week and some notes:

Week 1:

Friday - Memory Verse, started video series on Philippians, he was VERY distracted

Saturday - Tried Philippians again - but he was not focused

Sunday - Church

Monday - Wednesday - Worship and prayer on the way to camp

Thursday & Friday - Struggled

Week 2:

Saturday - Tried new video series, it was shallow and too much like watching a television show.

Sunday - Church

Monday - Talked about the Church - God's family

Tuesday - Started another video series - one we have used in the past without trouble. This particular video was great until they got to the memory verse, which was not only not the verse, but I am not sure where they got their translation. It bothered me greatly and so this day turned into a discussion about the respect and reverence we should have for God's Word. Even if unintentional and there was truth in their statement, I did not want Gavin learning a memory verse that was not accurate. *Parents, always be on guard as you listen and use tools to teach your kids - not everything is true, or accurate.

Wednesday - Gavin was very active - so we did a puzzle and discussed how God's Family, the Church, is like a puzzle.

Thursday - Memory verse: Proverbs 16:24

As of our discussion in today's #heartcheck, Gavin talks about what he learned about the church. He retained and focused alot on the similarity to puzzle pieces. He loved the individuality and purpose for each of us that it represents.

Gavin does chores around the house and is very quick to tell you if you are doing one of his jobs - usually with an insulted tone! I believe this is the reason he gravitated towards this topic - There is a unique and special reason for his life - God has a plan, purpose and place for him that no-one else is able to accomplish.

Also, we discussed the puzzle box being like the Bible - God has given us His word to use in building His church. We can use His word in a number of ways, but here are 3 we have discussed:

  • We can use the Word of God (the box) to discern between those claiming to be part of God's family with those actually in God's family (check and see if the puzzle piece belongs)

  • We can use the Word of God (the box) to see where we belong, what we need to do, and parts of our lives that we need to ask for forgiveness or change. (put the puzzle pieces in the right place)

  • We can use the Word of God (the box) to see our circumstances from God's perspective (see the full picture)

Also, parents, I would encourage you to sign up for the YouVersion App and turn on notifications for the verse of the day. This is a great way to meditate on the word with your child each day - just to read and discuss...a simple yet effective way to expose, teach and plant seeds in their hearts! You will be surprised when they will recall the verses in context - sometimes even to grab your attention!


Parents, be encouraged -

here are a few things I noticed in Gavin's #heartcheck today:

  • Kids love to see themselves on camera

  • Sometimes we can give them space to talk and they will teach us somethings too

  • When they are done - they are done!

  • Be aware and on guard to explain the things they hear - not all are true, and we as parents need to take note and explain. Even the little church saying with his hands in the beginning, I realized is so inaccurate - the people are the church, not the building. The most innocent things can also need clarification and truth.

**We are still trying to get use to recording - but I feel these will help encourage other parents, so we are going to keep pushing through. If I feel it starts to detour Gavin from the impact of this time - I will just start blogging the conversation after.

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