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Heartcheck #2

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Gavin wrapped up his study of 1 John this week. I cannot recommend the Right Now Media App enough - This study was very childlike and fun - Gavin loved it. BUT --- had enough depth that we actually spent a good amount of time discussing each day. The reputation of topics was great and retention was impressive. Next time we do one, I will probably also implement a verse from the book to compliment the study. HERE is the study we used.

Once he completed the 1 John study, he begged to start the Philippians study, but we are waiting a day or two to just let 1 John soak in. We did begin a new Memory Verse

My heart and my flesh may fail me but God is the strength of my heart. My Portion forever. - Psalm 73:26

In today's #heartcheck, we share what we are learning about this verse, which as usual ended up just as impactful in my #timewithGod. (read more HERE)

Gavin also recalls and discusses the 3 main things he learned in 1 John:

True Teaching

True Living

True Loving

And of course we cannot talk about the book of 1 John without mentioning Angels are not fat babies. Enjoy. Camera shifts, bouncing, and lots of feet included.


Parents, be encouraged -

here are a few things I noticed in Gavin's #heartcheck today:

  • They can't sit still

  • They can absorb more than we think, but then sometimes --- they are limited by their own attention span

  • Sometimes we, the parents, can rabbit trail too.

  • AND Angels are not fat babies.

**We are still trying to get use to recording - but I feel these will help encourage other parents, so we are going to keep pushing through. If I feel it starts to detour Gavin from the impact of this time - I will just start blogging the conversation after.

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