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Colossians 1:9-14

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

This was Paul's prayer for the church of Colossae. It is believed that Paul wrote this prayer while imprisoned. He had never met the believers in Colossae, but because they were believers, they were brothers and sisters. This prayer is written in a way I am convicted to accept for myself, and also convicted to pray for other believers. Will you accept this prayer in your life today?

Pray that God will:

  • Deliver you

  • Fill you with the knowledge of His will

  • Give you insight into His purposes & understanding of spiritual things

  • Increase your knowledge of Him

> deepen your faith

> clarify your insight

> increase your love

  • Strengthen you with all power

> invigorate you

> give you endurance and patience

> establish your joy

  • Qualify you

Pray that we will respond by:

  • walking in a manner pleasing to the Lord

> admirable character

> moral courage

> personal integrity

  • Bear Fruit

> good works

> spend time with Him

  • Give thanks

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