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A Fostered Heart

As a Christian, we are Adopted.

This has been the theme at church since Good Friday. Adopted by the Cross. Our worship team released a new song they wrote to put words to this amazing gift of adoption we are given. (listen below, click here to purchase song)

But in the end, aside from impactful messages, convicting worship songs, and accurate analogies, it is still TRUTH. We are ADOPTED By God when we choose to believe that Christ died for us, to pay the penalty for our sin, to suffice the wrath of God for the choices we have made, are making, and will still make in years to come. That belief grants us acceptance. 

Unrivaled Belonging.

Genuine Love.

Sufficient Provision.

Fierce Protection.


But some of us have such an unhealthy attachment to our old self [our life in the flesh] that first - we must be fostered. 

Foster: [fôstər] verb

1. To encourage or promote the development of something. 

2. To bring up, grow, develop with great concern. 

Some of us - before adoption into our new life - need to be fostered in order to step out and look back. To separate the truth of our existence with the lies we have believed. Some of us need to be fostered simply to know love is possible. For some of us, it helps us to feel safe. Or to accept that forgiveness is possible. Or even just to experience acceptance for the first time

Adoption (salvation) can only happen through faith. Through the belief that God loved us that much! Acknowledging that God's wrath of sin had to be satisfied. Humbly realizing that He gave His son to pay our debt of death. Trusting that Jesus saw us in all our baggage and filth and deemed US ... you ... me ... to be worth it. Worth not only death, but excruciating pain, separation from His Father, and fault - not His own, Ours. 

Jesus looked at us - in the light of this painful truth - and still, STILL, He saw valuehope, and a good future.


Take a good look at where you stand - Are you living in your old life still? Can you see yourself being fostered so you can know the truth? OR have you been adopted by the cross? And if adopted, are you living in your new identity or your old self?

Where do you want to be? 

I now see I have been in and out of "foster care" over the years, if I am honest. 

Christian education. Youth group. Bible studies. College church groups. Church. Mentors. Etc. All pointed to truth. All called me to step out of the life I knew and into an authentic relationship with God. All planted seeds of conviction, passion and calling. 

But there were years that pain ran deep. Lies grew roots. And my heart grew hard. I bounced between these three places for years. And God faithfully pursued me. He loved me. He fought for me. He gave me access and knowledge to Truth, and then He allowed me to experience true pain, deep lies, betrayal and rejection. He allowed me to experience life without Him. He was silent. A time in which He allowed me to see that He was the solid ground I was searching for. And a solid ground available to me, freely. 

THEN He lead me to be fostered by a NEW TRUTH this past year - fostered by His Spirit, His Word and true worship (teaching, praise and conviction). He brought me here, after He allowed me to reach the end of myself. This softened my heart so I could see, hear and accept in my desperation. I can't say it better than Lysa TerKeurst:

“Truth slipped in and split my hard-hearted views of life open just enough for God to make Himself known to me.”

Now, for the first time, 30+ years of head knowledge has taken up residency in my heart. And it is knowing God intimately with a heart knowledge that allows you to accept your new identity and His Word comes alive. My head knowledge all these years had been resourceful, but now as a heart knowledge, God became tangible. God became Father.  And I became ADOPTED

Learning in the Foster stage, becomes Faith in the Adoption stage.

It is a Faith I wish I had all these years. This is a faith that moves mountains and heals pains. This is a Faith that bring joy in suffering, hope in the delays, and peace in our distress. It is a Faith that helps us to see His strength in our weakness. Faith that recalls the convictions, passions, and callings God placed on may heart over all these years - and now calls me to action. 

Learning produced knowledge, Faith produces action. 

Fresh Beginning and Authentic Faith. That is my hope for each of you. That you will realize the opportunity to become Sons and Daughters of God, that you will see your identity through his eyes. That you too will accept your ADOPTION, and courageously live His purpose.

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