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At times, FAITH is found in the highest mountains.


However, in the lowest valleys and the deepest, darkest pits, FAITH too can flourish.

And it is when we reach the end of ourselves that we find the need for a

God who rescues, heals and SAVES. 


I am convinced that God allowed me to have and experience life thus far with a knowledge of God, but lacking an authentic faith. I believe He chose this life for me to encourage the hearts of other Blind Believers. I believe the pains I have experienced, the rejections I have faced, and the obstacles I have had to overcome have all been used to prepare me.  Allowing me to share with you now, today, how God has opened my eyes to see that a life lived from conviction starts with an Authentic Faith and bookends every decision, every trial, every joy. 

I believe everything I have been allowed to go through, both good and bad, is an experience he intended for me to share. Share to encourage, convict, and affirm the stirrings in your heart today. 

As you read, I pray the Holy Spirit will move in your heart to show you how lovingly God is pursuing you. I hope you feel the gentle - but persistent pull of his grace. I trust that God in all his mercy will meet you right where you are, whether the highest mountain or lowest valley, and reveal that He has been with you the whole time. And He pursues you because you are Accepted. Loved. Wanted. 


Hear Him speak to you. See His pursuit of you. Feel His love for you. 


And remember, you have to start somewhere. He does not expect you to walk blameless, He just expects you to walk with Him. Start with what is attainable, and let His pursuit of you create a desire to pursue Him in return.


His heart is kind and His plan is good.


Draw near to God and He will Draw Near to You.

James 4:8a  





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My Journey to Authentic Faith

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